11:51 AM|||Andy|||
Alright kiddos, the new episode is here! I know what you're thinking, there MUST be a catch! Well you're right - there is also a new location for Franklin Talk! Update your links and bookmarks! The site is barebones right now, but I should have it looking official in a couple weeks.

Go to the new site and get the new episode!
|||3729180398234928068||| 9:04 PM|||Andy|||
Sorry about the long delay kiddos! Franklin hates to disappoint. The new episode is up, and you can get it here!
|||116036674991866353|||8:50 PM|||Blogger JB|||Does Franklin have a halloween costume yet? If not, he should go as this.7:39 PM|||Anonymous Anonymous|||Dear Franklin,

I am thinking about asking my boyfriend to marry me but am unsure how to propose to him. I am also unsure what to get him in place of the typical engagement ring that guys usually buy for girls. Do you have any suggestions? What would you like if a girlfriend was to propose to you?

Miss. Bleu2:24 PM|||Anonymous The Brewer Patriot|||What are your Top 5 favorite movies?

Who do you like better: R2 or C3PO?

And last, what is your favorite holiday?11:41 AM|||Blogger dmbmeg|||Dear Franklin-
Do people with one eye blink or wink?

Megan11:59 AM|||Anonymous A.C. Vickers|||Dear Franklin,

Do you want to see a rematch of Ohio State and Michigan in the national championship game?

Also, when you are out at the clubs, what song do you MOST want to hear come on?

A.C. Vickers8:35 AM|||Blogger bradstaug|||Franklin,

As you are the World's only talking dog, I think you have an obligation to verbalize or answer some of man's burning questions about dogs. I have listed a few.

1) Do dogs really see only black and white?

2) Is man dog's best friend?

3) What conflict is more likely to be resolved amicably...Israeli---Palestinian or Dog---Cat

Miss you boy!!!! 7:35 PM|||Andy|||
The new episode of Franklin Talk is up! Get it here!
|||115697973228973714|||1:25 PM|||Blogger JB|||Hi Franklin,

My dog Wilma and I both enjoy listening to your show. (She wants you to know that she can talk too, but she's shy, so you don't need to worry about her stealing your show). Wilma also likes to surf the Internet. She wants to know if you like using the Internet, and if so she thinks you should check out this story and let the world know what you think about it: Dog Drives Car.

Jill & Wilma2:03 PM|||Anonymous The Brewer Patriot|||Franklin, why did you eat all my grapes and a bag of croutons while I was at work?2:06 PM|||Anonymous Lovesick Puppy|||Franklin,

How do you get a girl to like you? I like this girl, but I don't think she even knows my name. What do I do?3:48 PM|||Anonymous Anonymous|||franks,

why does it take you so long to release a new pod cast? I think you would maintain a larger listener base if you consitantly released episodes on say sunday night. Even if the episodes are short, it is better than making us drool in anticipation.

-your biggest fan. 8:39 AM|||Andy|||
The new episode is nearly complete. It will be up by Wednesday night at the latest, tonight at the earliest - Franklin is excited!
|||115677963756900956|||12:09 PM|||Anonymous Tiffany|||Franklin, do you have a girlfriend? 8:42 PM|||Andy|||
I would like you all to know that I have stepped on my laptop - hence the long abscence of a new Franklin Talk. Franklin is very angry at me...well, as angry as he can be until I feed him a snausage. Then he forgets and falls asleep. Hopefully we'll get one up mid next week.
|||115492223169955008|||1:38 PM|||Blogger Jessica|||Franklin,
Do you ever remember me? Or was I too brief to make an impression? More importantly, why do you like those plastic rings so much? What is the appeal? 8:08 PM|||Andy|||
Hey everyone, I won't be too lengthy. The new episode is done! You know the drill.
|||115250102069415878|||6:28 AM|||Anonymous matt|||that reminds me, what is that little extra dog toe for? How do you make use of it? Do you think given a few thousand years of evolution they will completely disappear?

drinkies!!12:08 PM|||Anonymous Tiff|||Franklin, if you won the lottery, how would you spend it?

And do you even know who erik is? He's basically your dad and you didn't even mention that when I asked the question last time. I'm not sure you know anyone besides Jesus and all of your lady friends. 10:09 AM|||Andy|||
Just a quick note. iTunes is apparently updating their podcasting software or system or something like that. At any rate, if you find Franklin Talk there and an episode is missing, that's why. If you subscribe to the podcast, that will be correct and current.

Sorry Frank and I haven't recorded anything new yet, but it was the 4th weekend and...well let's just say Franklin and firecrackers don't mix well.